This is a comprehensive overview of what we believe as a Church. If you’re new to Christianity, check out The Good News of Jesus Christ first, which is the basics of what we believe.

We believe that The Bible is directly inspired by God, as His very own words for us, without error, revealing His nature and character to us, His desires for our lives, and His plan to bring us home to Him through Jesus, if we accept.

We believe that while there is only one God, He exists as 3 persons: The Father, The Son (Jesus), and The Holy Spirit, who are distinct and have the same nature. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe and wants to know each of us personally because He loves us.

We believe that Jesus Of Nazareth was God in the flesh. He was born by the virgin birth, was the only One Who lived a perfect life, and died on a Roman Cross to atone (cover) for our evil deeds and so reconcile us to God if we accept this offer.

We believe that Jesus literally and bodily rose from the dead 3 days later. He then continued to live on earth for 40 days, being seen by over 500 eye-witnesses, until He returned to heaven so that The Holy Spirit might come down.

We believe that the only way we can be reconciled to God is by believing and accepting Jesus’ offer of forgiveness that was made by His death and confirmed by His bodily resurrection from the dead.

We believe that The Holy Spirit lives inside of any and every person who is a Christian (who believes and accepts in Jesus’ literal deity, death, resurrection, and coming return), working to draw us closer to Jesus, make us more like Jesus, and help us tell people about Jesus.

We believe that The Church is the collection of Christians around the world and not just the building – and that we are to, individually and collectively, pursue a life of loving God and loving people by pointing them to Him.

We believe that Jesus will literally, personally, and visibly and come again. Everyone will be raised to life to face judgment for the actions we have done in our lives: those who have not accepted Jesus offer of forgiveness will face the penalty for their wrongdoing and be separated from God forever in hell, while those who have accepted Jesus offer of forgiveness will have no penalty left to face, and will be with God forever in the New Creation.