The Bible is a collection of 66 books that collectively tell the story of Jesus. and this is good news! It’s the story of how we we far from God but how Jesus came to make a way for us to come home to Him by trusting in Jesus


In the begining, God made us in His image. He made us to be loved and known by Him and to love and know Him. He made the whole world good but He declared that we were very good.


We rebelled against God and still do to this day. Instead of trust Him, we chose to do things that hurt ourselves and others and corrupt God’s good design in creation. This wrongdoing separates us from God because He is holy.

The Cross

But God still loved us and didn’t want us to be separated from us – so He sent Jesus to died on a Cross, where He willingly took the penalty for our wrongdoing, so that if we trust in Jesus, we can be forgiven and will never have to say the words that Jesus did when He was on the Cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

The Resurrection

But Jesus didn’t stay dead! He rose from the dead 3 days later to prove that He was who He said He was and that God had accepted His payment for our sins, if we are trusting in Jesus. It means that we can have evidence for what He did, intimacy with Him today and hope for the future.

Holy Spirit

After rising from the dead, Jesus stayed on earth 40 days, appearing to many people. Then Jesus ascended into heaven so that Holy Spirit, The Spirit of God, could live inside of each of us, bringing us 24/7 access to God, beginning the restoration of coming back into God’s Presence.

New Creation

Jesus is coming again soon to make the world right and when He does He will judge the whole world. While for those who have not trusted in Jesus, their penalty still awaits, for those who have accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness, there is no penalty left to be paid and they will be welcomed into God’s Presence to be with Him forever

Your Decision

Like any gift, Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and a new life with Him has to be received. If you would like to find out more about Jesus Christ or accept His offer of forgiveness, come and meet us during a Sunday Service or send us a message by email or on Facebook.